Surprising Reasons How HDPE Pipes Are Environment Friendly!

Surprising reasons how HDPE pipes are Environment friendly!

We are all trying to adapt to sustainable living and moving towards a better future with a safe environment. Every day we make difficult choices and for every decision we make, there is always a question that arises in our mind -” How does my choice impact the environment?”. With HDPE pipes, there is one less thing to worry about.

Read further to know how HDPE pipes promote sustainability :

HDPE pipes are known for their High-performance and Durability. They have been replacing metal pipes and concrete pipes for a long time and are now considered the “Greenest pipes” among all. Here are the reasons.

Energy-efficient production :

The manufacturing process of HDPE Pipes does not release any waste material as the scraps can be reused for other plastic applications or can be reintroduced into the same process. Water and electricity usage is also very low, this makes HDPE pipes production energy-efficient and is known to have seven times lesser CO2 foot-print compared to others.

Less impact on the environment :

The installation process does not affect the abiotic factors of the eco-system as the pipes can be installed without drilling and other harmful practices. This low-impact installation using shallow trenches and Horizontal directional drilling(HDD) can be possible because of the strength and light-weight nature of the HDPE pipes.

Reduced impact on aquatic organisms :

Sewage water disposal in water is known to cause adverse effects on aquatic flora and fauna. HDPE pipes are joined together with Heat fusion technology and have reduced the occurrence of leaks substantially. This has, in turn, reduced the amount of untreated sewage water leaks from old and damaged pipelines in waterways.

Water-efficient :

These pipes are made with non-reactive Polyethylene raw materials, hence can be safely used for drinking water transport. Properly installed pipes can be used to transport water without leakages while preserving the quality of water.

Durable and Recyclable :

HDPE pipes can be used for many operations such as transporting potable drinking water, Agriculture, Horticulture, Irrigation, For industries, chemical plants, Sewage water management, and disposal plants. PE100 pipes have a life expectancy of over 100 years and can be safely left out to disintegrate or can be recycled to make alternative plastic applications.

All the above factors make HDPE the best choice for all your piping requirements and know you know that they are eco-friendly too!

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