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Best HDPE Pipe Manufacturing In Bangalore

HDPE pipe is a strong and long-lasting plastic pipe used for high-pressure pipelines. They are the most commonly used pipes around the world these days for Sewers, Kitchen pipes, in Industries, etc, and have effectively replaced old concrete and steel pipelines.

HDPE pipes are leak-proof, cost-effective, and are known for their versatility and corrosion resistance. We at Varuna pipes produce the best grade HDPE pipes and rank as the No.1 company for HDPE pipe manufacturing in Bangalore.

Our Manufacturing technology

At Varuna Neeravari pipes, HDPE pipes are manufactured using 100% virgin grade polymer granules for their best quality. We offer HDPE components in internationally approved different grade materials like PE-63, PE-80, and PE-100. HDPE pipe manufacturing in Bangalore is a fully automated procedure in which HDPE resin is heated up to 180°C at which it melts.

To the molten transparent Polymer, 3-5% carbon black to give the pipe its characteristic black color. It passed through a mold which determines the thickness and diameter of the pipe.

The molded HDPE pipe is then cooled gradually in various stages to allow it to hold its shape without forming any deformities. We usually produce pipes with a diameter ranging from 20mm up to 315mm. All our pipes are certified by ISI and ISO for their standards i.e., ISI 4984(1995) and ISO 9001:2008.

The pipes we make at Varuna Neeravari Pipes Pvt. ltd. – A company for HDPE pipe manufacturing in Bangalore has high durability and can be used for gas or fluid chemical supply as HDPE pipes are non-corrosive and their smooth inner surface offers a high flow factor.

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Why choose Varuna pipes for HDPE pipe manufacturing in Bangalore?

Quality standards

Everything we make represents our quality standards and we promise you long-lasting, premium quality pipes for all your requirements needed.


We not only offer the best HDPE pipe manufacturing in Bangalore, we also deliver prompt installation services. We also manufacture and supply pipe fittings.

Quick delivery

Varuna Neeravari Pipes PVT. LTD. is a trusted provider of HDPE pipes in south India. We take pride in providing fast delivery service for your every buy with us.

Skilled professionals

Every employee we hire is talented and qualified. We train them to provide great quality service to benefit all our customers. Customer satisfaction is our top priority today and always.


We have a huge plant with state of the art technology to create great quality pipes that are durable and strong. We offer customizable services for HDPE pipe manufacturing in Bangalore.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the full form of the HDPE pipe?
HDPE means High Density Polyethylene pipe. They are also known as Polyethylene High pipes. The name comes from the type of plastic used for making these pipes.
What pipe size should I use?
At Varuna Pipes, we make pipes in all diameters ranging from 20mm to 315mm. The choice of size depends on the requirements of the project. Feel free to contact us and we will help you choose the right pipe size.
What are HDPE pipes used for?
HDPE pipes are used for high-pressure pipelines such as clean water/potable water projects, for chemicals, in Telecommunication industries, Mining and for Sewers, etc.
What is the process for joining HDPE pipes?
There are various procedures for joining two separate HDPE pipes, they are Butt fusion welding process, Electro-fusion welding process, and welding by mechanical fittings. To know more about them, call us at 080-22274576 / 22291729 / 22217987 / 41140445.
What is the best place to buy HDPE pipes in Bangalore?
Varuna Neeravari Pipes PVT ltd. has been the go-to place for HDPE pipes manufacturing in Bangalore since 2006. We provide the best quality pipes in the market.
HDPE Pipe Manufacturing In Bangalore