HDPE pipe manufacturing in Kerala

Best HDPE Pipe Manufacturing In Kerala

Varuna Neeravari Pipes PVT LTD. a group of Narmada pipe industries has a glorious history of manufacturing HDPE pipes for over 30 years. Our premium quality products offer solutions for various water transportation, irrigation, and disposal problems. With a large team of professionals offering the best services, Varuna Pipes has the largest share of HDPE pipe manufacturing in Kerala.

We use top-grade virgin raw materials for extrusion and make sure the standard and quality of the pipes are tested at every stage of the manufacturing process.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Does HDPE pipe float on water?
HDPE pipe has low density than water so it floats on water but to ensure its stability, floatation devices like collars, saddles, and strap-ons may be used. Varuna Neeravari pipes, the best place for HDPE pipe manufacturing in Kerala provides the equipment for pipe installation.
How can you say that HDPE pipes are temperature resistant?
High-Density Polyethylene pipes are resistant to frosting in sub-zero temperatures, They are resistant to UV light and high temperatures, HDPE pipes have a high melting point and low heat conductivity hence we can say that they are temperature resistant.
Do you provide equipment for the HDPE pipe installation?
Yes, our services include installation as well. Our trained technicians will bring all the equipment with them when they deliver the pipes and install them.
How do HDPE pipes affect the environment?
HDPE pipes do not require a lot of water or electricity during manufacturing. They are safe and made with non-toxic material and can last more than 50 years. The pipes are fused with the help of heat and electricity which reduces water wastages due to leaks.
What is the life expectancy of HDPE pipes?
HDPE pipes are known to last for more than 50 years. We can say that they could reach up to the 100-year mark with inventions that facilitate the rehabilitation of the pipes. To know more contact Varuna pipes, the No.1 destination for HDPE pipe manufacturing in Kerala.

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Pipes produced at our production unit for HDPE pipe manufacturing in Kerala.

PE-80 AND PE-100 pipes are the most commonly used HDPE pipes these days. Each pipe has a different molecular composition and is used for a specific function. PE-100 pipes have the highest density and are tougher and stronger than the PE-80 pipes.

PE-80 pipes, also known as HDPE-80 pipes are produced using PE 80 polymerization molecules by Ethylene. These pipes are used for

  • Gas projects for transmission for gaseous substances
  • Irrigation pipes for nurseries
    Natural gas transmission
  • Insulator for electric wires
  • Agricultural practices
  • Used in the Telecommunication industry
PE-100 pipes are produced using PE 100 raw materials. These are also known as HDPE-100 pipes. These pipes are known for their strength and are used for
  • Industrial pressure-water projects.
  • Sewage water systems
  • Mining projects
  • Potable drinking water projects
  • Fish farming applications
  • Petroleum mining industry
Pipes manufactured at Varuna pipes for HDPE pipe manufacturing in Kerala are strong, durable, and resistant to UV light and high temperatures. Hence they can be used for surface laying as well.

We also offer delivery and  installation services 

HDPE pipes, although very strong, require extreme care during transportation and installation to avoid damaging the outer surface. Our installation team ensures that they are delivered to the site safely from our warehouse for HDPE pipe manufacturing in Kerala and are installed perfectly. Our installation process includes,

Step-1: Loading the HDPE pipes onto the transport vehicle.

Step-2: Unloading them at the place of installation.

Step-3: Cutting the pipes

Step-4: Installing the pipes

Installation of the pipe requires joining the pipes using techniques HDPE pipe butt Fusion joining, HDPE pipe Electrofusion joining, HDPE pipe socket fusion joining, and by HDPE stub end and Backing ring.

HDPE Pipe Manufacturing In Kerala