HDPE pipe manufacturing in South India

HDPE pipe manufacturing in South India

Best HDPE pipe manufacturing in South India

Varuna Neeravari Pipes PVT LTD. is one of the largest companies for HDPE pipe manufacturing in South India. We are prepared to handle all your piping needs. From our standard quality-control tests and our ISI and ISO certification to continuously updated state-of-the-art manufacturing units, Our customer-centric service is well-known in our industry.

Our HDPE pipes are used everywhere these days. From Agriculture and bore-well needs to Water disposal through high-pressure water systems, HDPE pipes are the most versatile and are commonly used pipes when compared to other Concrete, metal, GI, and PVC pipes.

We at Varuna pipes for HDPE pipe manufacturing in South India, use modern technology for the production of premium quality HDPE pipes that are made using international standards. Most part of the HDPE pipe production is automated which enables us to deliver uniformly made HDPE pipes for our customers. With our futuristic manufacturing technology, there is no room for error.

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HDPE pipe manufacturing in South India


For the production of top-grade HDPE pipes, a good quality Resin is used. Resin is the raw material that is used for making polymer pipes like HDPE, MDPE, PVC, etc. Based on the quality of the raw material, the density of the pipe is determined. We used Resins of type PE 80 and PE 100 which make the sturdiest of HDPE pipes.


The extruder is the manufacturing equipment used at Varuna HDPE pipe manufacturing in South India. The extruder consists of a feed hopper, a heating barrel, a screw, and a die. When the production commences, The extruder is evenly preheated and the resin is added. The resin is passed through the feed hopper and gets homogenously heated in the heating barrel. Heating is always done in stages in the 5 different zones present in the heating barrel. 3-5% carbon black color is added to the melted material. The Screw helps to push the melting material towards the die. The die determines the diameter of the pipes depending on the mold that is fitted.


The pipes that are formed are then added to a long tub filled with coolant or water where they are gradually cooled as the pipe holds the shape. These pipes are then cut into required lengths using a manual cutter.
At Varuna Neeravari pipes, for HDPE pipes manufacturing in South India, the pipes are produced safely with low electricity and water usage to reduce environmental impact.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Who is the No.1 HDPE pipe supplier in South India?
Varuna Neeravari Pipes PVT LTD. is the largest distributor of HDPE pipes. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, they are the best in HDPE pipe manufacturing in South India.
Can you make HDPE in other colors?
HDPE pipes are usually made in Black color. Sometimes colored streaks are added to the outer surface of the pipe.
Does HDPE pipe manufacturing personnel need technical education?
HDPE pipe manufacturing and handling required skilled personnel. Although it is not difficult to learn the process.
Can you make pipes with specific dimensions?
Yes, we make pipes with specific dimensions as per our client’s requirements. Contact us for more information about the customization process.
What are PE 100 and PE 80 resins?
PE 100 and PE 80 are PolyEthylene type 100 and 80 polymers. These resins are used as raw materials for HDPE pipe manufacturing.